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  • Woodward Reservoir

    These campsites are first-come, first-serve, so make sure you stake a claim as fast as you can. The fish, wildlife, and radio control airplane landing field are perfect for the whole family.

  • Tulloch Mill Ruins

    Out in the rolling hills of Knights Ferry sits the Tulloch Mill Ruins, large, stone buildings with roofless rooms. The ruins are ideal for both the intrepid and the contemplative.

  • Testicle Festival

    Yes, you heard that right. This March event promises an evening of real cowboys, drinking, an auction and the best Rocky Mountain oysters you’ve probably never tasted; spiced to perfection by the cooks from our own Oakdale Rotarians.

  • Taste of Oakdale

    Typically held at the end of August, the Taste of Oakdale event showcases all the best catering, food, and beverage businesses that Oakdale has to offer.

  • Symbiosis Gathering

    Symbiosis Gathering is an arts, music, and transformational festival… held in Northern California that encourages expressive arts, sustainability, and personal development

  • Suzey Belen’s

    A real wild western cantina, with that straight-out-of Ol’ El Paso taste. Grab a frosty margarita, sample the complementary bean dip, and eat a burrito smothered in something spicy.

  • Sunshine Rafting Adventures

    Sunshine Rafting takes you through some of the most-rafted water in all of Northern California. Embark on an adventure down calm but thrilling waters, for swimmers and non-swimmers alike.