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  • Western Days Festival

    This annual event brings the best of the West to the Oakdale Rodeo Grounds. Past Western Days events have included a chili cookoff, country line dancing lessons, live music and more!

  • Rivi’s Wine Bar

    Finish off your day in the country with a glass of fine wine and some tapas. Drink in the Western evening over a few craft wines and some flatbread. This place is featured in one of our many Day Trip Itineraries

  • Ferrarese’s Deli

    After a busy morning, Ferrarese’s Deli’s scrumptious food is worth the wait. This legendary stop has flavorful deli sandwiches, potato salad, chips and fries, so find some time to settle in.

  • Café Bliss

    Gourmet coffee, just like Wild Bill used to make over his campfire. Looking for some grub? Try the famous soups, sandwiches, and salads. This place is featured in one of our many Day Trip Itineraries

  • Holiday Inn Express

    Another well-known favorite, the Holiday Inn Express sits next to a score of restaurants and shopping areas itself and provides high-speed Internet for streaming your spaghetti Westerns.

  • Jerry’s Motel

    This cozy little getaway is highly rated with a welcoming, small-town feel. Rooms at Jerry’s Motel are available, clean, inexpensive and have countless amenities.

  • Motel 6

    Kick your boots up in one of the nation’s most well-known, inexpensive inns. This motel even comes next to tasty eateries and is located near the river.

  • Holiday Motel

    It’s only a ten minute walk from here to the Oakdale Cowboy Museum and the Sierra Railroad Dinner Train, so catch some shut-eye before you head to the railroad.

  • Oakdale Cheese & Specialties

    Oakdale Cheese & Specialties has the whole kit and caboodle, from signature gouda to flavors like jalapeño pepper and Mediterranean, which you can enjoy in the gardens under the willows. This place is featured in one of our many Day Trip Itineraries