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  • Oakdale Cowboy Museum

    Visitors from around the world stop at this monument to the American Cowboy. Kids can try the tools of a rancher as they put on the cowboy boots and grab hold of a branding iron. Or check out trophy saddles won by the region’s many world champion rodeo riders. This Read more [...]

  • Oakdale Chocolate Festival

    In Oakdale, the most decadent month of the year is May. This annual chocolate paradise is normally held the third weekend in May and features fudges, truffles, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cheesecake, and more!

  • Oakdale Cheese & Specialties

    Oakdale Cheese & Specialties has the whole kit and caboodle, from signature gouda to flavors like jalapeño pepper and Mediterranean, which you can enjoy in the gardens under the willows. This place is featured in one of our many Day Trip Itineraries

  • Hiking

    After you’ve visited the covered bridge, you have to hike the trails, by hook or by crook. They’re easy-to-follow trails, and quite a sight to behold.

  • Bloomingcamp Ranch

    Nestled atwixt the walnut and almond orchards is one ranch that’s chock-full of fresh produce. Tuck some dumplings in your pack— and don’t forget an apple cider cookie. This place is featured in one of our many Day Trip Itineraries