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  • Fred’s Firearms

    It’s hard to win a shootout with some worn-out six-shooters. Buy that shiny new rifle you’ve always dreamed of — it’s perfect for huntin’ down varmints.

  • Lana’s Spur of the Moment

    For those days when you decide, on a whim, that your décor should run a little more Country-Western. Spur of the Moment will make sure those days are every day. This place is featured in one of our many Day Trip Itineraries

  • Hobbies Arts & Crafts

    If you’re more of a space cowboy, you can’t miss the model rocket selection at Hobbies Arts & Crafts. This hobby shop has a wide range of models, RC aircrafts, and just about everything your lil’ pardner might be interested in.

  • Oakdale Feed and Seed

    Whether you need to feed your horses, dogs, cats, chickens, goats, and bunnies or you’re looking for that perfect Stetson cowboy hat, pop in for a spell and peruse. This place is featured in one of our many Day Trip Itineraries

  • Harvey’s Shoe Repair

    Don’t let your best walking boots dry up! Visit Harvey’s for boots, footwear, and luggage. They handle shoe and leather goods repair—perfect for making old boots look new.

  • Northern Lights

    Shine a little light on your love of Country-Western decorating by popping into Northern Lights, a massive showroom of lighting fixtures with the perfect style for your home on the range.